Online Booking with AGreservations, finally there exists an install profile!

Hello, in the download section you will now find an packed Drupal with all the necessary modules to install agreservations and start your online reservation website. The install profile will install all the modules if you choose agreservations_basic at the start of the Drupal Installation. This packed version will be regularily updated, which will make it alot easier for you to find the necessary modules that work together well. You no longer need to download them seperately but find them here together in the package. This is however still a basic package, that lets you do and build everything you want on top of it. But there is no example content yet. If you want to use this and want to build your site with this distribution, you should additionally watch the videos in the docu section of this page to get an understanding of the different content types and how to set up and configure AGreservations to serve your purposes.