What is AGreservations and what can it do for you?

AGreservations is a group of Drupal Modules developed for the purpose of managing the Availability of Resources like rooms, houses, cars, boats. It makes of Drupal, and the Drupal Modules: Ubercart, Calendar and others a fully functional booking system with online booking and Reservation and Resource Management capabilities.

Checkout the Project Page and Download AGreservations here. Want a short introduction in setting this up? Watch this screencast. AGreservations is also the name of a  Drupal 7 Distribution that will be available for download within the next few weeks which includes more modules and functionality that will make it more comfortable easier to set up and simply effectiv for the everyday tasks managing your resourcesin different buisinesses like accommodation, car rental or boat hire, to name just a  few examples. AGreservations exists for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7

Who is behind AGreservations?  AGreservations is written and developed and continously improved by Andreas Gill. The Module´s existence would not be possible without Drupal and without the several modules, that need to be installed in order to use agreservations (Calendar, Date, Views,...).  In the Partners section of this page you see links to companies using agreservations and contributing with e.g. money, or know how, or additional development. You may find a company near you to set up your online booking webpage there. Of course you can also ask us directly using our contact form.